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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yaaruilta on the Kuskoskwim River

Sunskin,Diane, Anna Phillip. (1984). Yupik eskimo folklore and children's play activites.

Diane Sunskin has an Ed.D. and Anna Phillip is the mayor of Tuluksak, a small village 50 miles outside of Bethel. They document some symbols that are used when story knifing. They also give some great examples to follow.
To the right is a picture from the document they have created to give us some example of some symbols used during the activity story knifing.

Yaaruilta means "Let's go story knife." in Yup'ik. Anna Phillip has got the chance to give out a couple of examples of some oral traditional stories and their symbols. In doing this, similar to the puppet to practice language skills, you are able to do the same with the Yaaruilta (Suskin and Philip, 1984).

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  1. Hi Jessica ~

    This story interests me very much because I lived in Tuluksak for 4 years and knew Anna Phillip! I would love to email you with questions, but don't see a link.

    Deb Owen