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Monday, November 16, 2009

Some Rolls of the Women

When the grandmother would tell stories, she would talk about morals and roles the young girl has and will have when she becomes a women.
Here are some roles she will have as a women.
      Once the husband brings home an animal he has killed, the women would have to go through the process of skinning the animal. The women would skin the animal, scrape the fat off, wash the skin, stretch it, scrape it again, soak the skin, lastly tan the skin.
      The women would then make cloths out of the skin. They would have to know exactly how much material she will need to make the clothing fit her husband, children and herself. She would then have to do all the cooking and gathering of "non-game" food.

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  1. The title, "Some Rolls fo the Women," the spelling of 'Rolls' needs to be changed to 'Roles.'